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Fall 2006

Fair is fair. My bad Chinese is at least as funny as anybody's bad English!
David Saia, Aug. 2006

Winter 2005

Dave for Pope
My first pre-Papal Bull from the bully pulpit.
David Saia, Feb. 2005

Papa Loves Mambo
Can't a guy have a hobby or two once the Mambo’s over?
Max Burbank, Aug. 2004

Announcing the next Big Push from the E-vil E-mpire.
David Saia, Feb. 2005

Spring 2003

The Louisiana Cajuns: A Special Radio X Historical Docudrama
The whole story of our forebears, much abridged.
Maurice Martin and David Saia, 1985

Krawkawkaw Gives a Little
Cajun mythology explained for you, pure and simple.
Maurice Martin, 1989

November 2001

Meet Dr. Klaww
In which we first meet the dire and insipid physician
dsaia, 11/26/1996

Letters to Dr. Klaww
More Helpful Hints From the World's Most Unhelpful Advice Columnist
dsaia, 12/9/1996

Letter from the Hall of Justice
Could it be that Dr. Klaww has faked his credentials??
dsaia, 12/10/1996

An Invitation to be Keynote Speaker
"The Institute for the Differently Handed would be honored if you would be our keynote speaker at our upcoming annual convention."
dsaia, 12/12/1996

More KLAWWrespondence
Back by Inexplicable Demand!
dsaia, 12/18/1996

The Inglorious Quests of Prince Gajandra and His Faithful Manservant, Jutu (October 2001)

Gajandra Meets the Scatoman
In which we first happen upon our hero, in perhaps his smelliest adventure ever!
mdeguptahareshyo, 10/24/1997

Gajandra and the Curse of the Six Monkeys
In which the prophet/prince relieves the people (and himself) of the painful onslaught of empirical investigation.
mdeguptahareshyo, 12/6/1997

Gajandra and the Eating Lesson
In which Jutu tells the ailing Gajandra a story to lift his spirits...
mdeguptahareshyo, 1/5/1998

A Moment of Self-Doubt
In which the young hero muses as to the worth of it all...
mdeguptahareshyo, 1/22/1998

Gajandra and the Great Rumble
In which Gajandra attempts to save his Kingdom from financial ruin with the help of a gay little frog...
mdeguptahareshyo, 1/30/1998

Gajandra and the Problem with Sa-Noor
In which the heir to the throne conquers a nasty personal problem
mdeguptahareshyo, 5/1998

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