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· Sitting with Mama
· Maria
· Nine Crossings
· Mama and Her

· Fallopian Chron IV
· Why I Toast, I
· Why I Toast, II
· Why I Toast, III
· Scooter/Dot-Com
· Fallopian Chron II
· Fallopian Chron III
· Strange Bedfellow
· Almost Equal
· A Difficult Day
· Phantom Lover:
    Ode to
    Leslie Cheung

· I Am Salad
· Fallopian Chron I
· Taiwanglish
· Childhood's End
· Psychic Friends
· Life in the
    Time of SARS

· Waiting for
      the Goddess

· Roswell My Eye
· Catisfaction
· My Laramie Project
· Stopping on the
    Street for
    Coltrane: A Real
    Latter Day Saint

· Whither Moocat?
· Happy Palindrome!
· Happy Tiger
· Tourist for a Day
· Geography
    as Destiny

· "Bastards"
· Watching the
    Pentagon Burn

· Communing with

· Milk
· Infinity
· Emailing the Dead
· Broken Water
· Sand Shark
· Grandma Said
· Golden Days
· Americat
· Moe Howard on the
Death of His Brother,

· Flashpoems
· Minyan
· Inside Scoop
· Nativity
· I Ask My Mother
To Sing

· Absence of Colours
· Island Logic
· Peepshow Kleenex
· Allen Ginsberg
Forgives Ezra Pound
on Behalf of the Jews

· Lacing Your Shoes:
Haiku & the Everyday

· Four Haiku
· Smoking Haiku
· Geary & Jones,
Monday, 8:23 a.m.

· The Keeper
· december 13, 2001
· Memento Mori
· Football's Birthday
· The Edward Gorey

· Arrival
· Victim o'

· The Origin of
Teeth and Bones

· Questions for
Martins Ferry,

· This Is Just
To Tell You

· Not-Cat (& whatnot)
· To My Unmet Wife

· Englishhua
· Dave for Pope
· Papa Loves Mambo
· A Culture Report

· The Louisiana
A Special Radio X
Historical Docudrama

· Krawkawkaw Gives
a Little

· Meet Dr. Klaww
· Letters to Dr. Klaww
· Letter from the
Hall of Justice

· An Invitation
to be Keynote

· More

All Things

· Gajandra Meets
    the Scatoman

· Gajandra and
    the Curse of the
    Six Monkeys

· Gajandra and the
    Eating Lesson

· A Moment of

· Gajandra and the
    Great Rumble

· Gajandra and the
    Problem with

· Mohamed Tahdaini
· John Guillory
· Berkeley Pier
· Bruce Dene
· Death of The Bayou
· Taiwan Food Vendors
· John Freeman
· Robin Liu
· Hector
· Dave's Corner
· Zuni Kachinas

· Mainland Murmurs
· Next to Heaven
  · Episode #8

  · Episode #16
· Crosswords Brunch


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Fall 2006

Milk, David Saia
A first attempt at the impossible task of coping with the death of one's mother.

Infinity, David Grayson
Would you prefer a universe with an end?

Emailing the Dead, David Saia
Round things roll, houses tumble like dice... fathers, and then mothers, die.

Winter 2005

Broken Water, Michelle Daugherty
God, but you'll love this poem!

Sand Shark, Kim Cochran
Who says the Horsemen of the Apocalypse won't be riding in SUVs?

Grandma Said, Kim Cochran
A hay-scent scarecrow reverie from the American Midwest

Summer 2004

Golden Days, Rodger Kamenetz
A new poem from the celebrated author of The Lowercase Jew, Nympholepsy, Terra Infirma, and The Jew in the Lotus.

Americat, Keith Ekiss
A gentle parody from a gentle poet of increasing reknown.

Moe Howard Considers the Death of His Brother, Curly, Jim Henley
I gave him the idea; he made it loverly.

Spring 2004

Flashpoems: Driving I-10, I-25, I-40, I-70, Luis Urrea
In-transit Interstate poems from the author of Devil's Highway.

Fall 2003

Minyan, David Grayson
The Moocat is pleased to curl up and gaze as poet David Grayson wafts around the antechamber of Kabbalistic Judaism.

The Inside Scoop, David Grayson
On the nature of divinity...

Nativity, Li-Young Lee
Incredibly delighted to be able to present two poems from the mysterious, allusive, uniquely voiced work of this highly acclaimed and exciting new poet.

I Ask My Mother To Sing, Li-Young Lee

The Absence of Colours, in the World of Colours, Rati Saxena

Spring 2003

Island Logic, Susan Borie Chambers
Susan Borie Chambers' work has appeared in Fourteen Hills, New York Quarterly, The Greensboro Review and The Laurel Review. She lives in Davis, CA.

Peepshow Kleenex, Susan Borie Chambers

Spring 2002

Allen Ginsberg Forgives Ezra Pound on Behalf of the Jews, Rodger Kamenetz
The acclaimed writer and noted religious scholar (author of The Missing Jew, Terra Infirma, and his most recent, highly acclaimed book, The Jew in the Lotus) on coming to terms with our poetic fathers.

Lacing Your Shoes: Haiku and the Everyday , David Grayson, Dec 2001
On the seemingly ephemeral essence of the art of Haiku, by a widely published practicioner.

Four Haiku, David Grayson

Smoking Haiku, Lynn Landry

Winter 2002

Geary & Jones, Monday, 8:23 a.m., dsaia, Dec 2001

The Keeper, dsaia, Dec 2001

december 13, 2001, dsaia, Dec 2001
A poem written on my 40th birthday, while feeling particulary isolated.

Memento Mori, Bruce Fleming, Nov 2001

November 2001

Football's Birthday, Julie Allan, Nov 2001

The Edward Gorey Museum, Julie Allan

Arrival, Don Gordon, Aug 2001

Victim o' Soikumstance, dsaia, Dec 1989
"He had to shave his head for the act... he felt he had no longer any appeal for the fair sex."
       —Moe Howard, on the death of his youngest brother, Jerome (a.k.a. 'Curly')

October 2001

The Origin of Teeth and Bones, Michael Stone Johnson, 1990

Questions for Understanding Martins Ferry, Ohio, dsaia, Apr 2001
With fond apologies to both James Wright and to the Poetry Society of Fu Jen University in Taiwan

This Is Just To Tell You, dsaia, Oct 1984
With fond apologies to W.C. Williams

Not-Cat (and what-not), dsaia, May 1988

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