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Fall 2006

Love Story
Abstract Works by Mohamed Tahdaini
Fourteen abstract works by an emerging artist.
Mohamed Tahdaini

Barry, detail Portraits by John Guillory
A tantalizing sampler of eight portraits by the Baton Rouge-based painter and filmmaker John Guillory.

Winter 2005

Berkeley Pier Graffiti IIFrom the Berkeley Pier
Black-and-white and color photographs taken at the pier on San Francisco Bay in Berkeley, California.
Lynn Landry

Knute 2Digi-Art From Bruce Dene
A Seattle graphic artist has offered these photos from an as-yet undisplayed show called Cocoder.
Bruce Fleming

Detail - Click for full sizeDeath of The Bayou
These photographs of the remains of The Bayou bar were taken shortly after the famous LSU watering hole burnt to the ground in 2002.
Carolyn Schwarzhoff

Summer 2004

Buddha GuyPhotography: Taiwan Food Vendors
A photographic study of Taiwan's "wet markets," in color.
John Freeman, Summer 2003

Fall 2003

Tattoo FacePhotographs by John Freeman
A photographic study of Taiwan in black and white.
John Freeman, Summer 2003

My LomoDrawings by Robin Liu
Dark pen and ink cartoons from a very talented native Taiwanese fellow now studying art in Australia.
Robin Liu

Summer 2002

Hector Hector
Two strips from the Denver-based cartoonist cooperative.
Melissa Stander

Dave's CornerDave's Corner
A sampling of strips from the short-lived single-panel strip run in Louisiana State University's The Daily Reveille back in 1984.
David Saia, Fall 1984

Winter 2001

click thumbnail image to view full-size image   click thumbnail image to view full-size image
Zuni Katchinas, June 2001, 9" x 12", acrylics and metalics on board, by painter Sylvester Hustito (a.k.a. Sobe), who was born and raised on the Zuni Pueblo reservation near Santa Fe, New Mexico

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