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Who Cares

Bottled water slogan

Is this really what we should be encouraging our 8-year olds to do?

In English school bathroom:
Is this really what we ought to be encouraging our 8-year-olds to do?

I am in debt to Bruce Fleming for alerting me to the site, which hosts some of the funniest incidences of attempted English on the Web.

Shortly after arriving in Taiwan I started observing the local version of Engrish, which I will call 'Taiwanglish,' initially on signs:

  • Daston Internet Technetrontic Gloriette
  • Far Fast Center
  • Because Persist (store name)
  • Humming Cafe - "Sit Down Please"

Most of the above I had noticed during my long bus rides to work. Later, when I started riding the MRT more often, I was happy to not be disappointed by the MRT's Engrish signage:

At the base of an MRT escalator warning the elderly about the speed of escalators:
With all our hearts... we concern.

And in an MRT bathroom, near the hot-air hand dryer:
For sake of environmental protection, no hand-mopping paper is provided here. Please use hand-dryer instead.

Perhaps a little more surprising was the Taiwanglish I've seen on signage in the bathrooms of several of the English schools I have taught in!

Sticker on inside of bathroom stall in bushiban school:
Dare is to say sorry when you have done something wrong.

I managed to capture a couple of them digitally before my digi-cam's untimely squat-toilet-related demise:

A recurring venue for prime-quality Taiwanglish, however, is of course, Tee-shirts worn by young Taiwanese girls:

  • It's American Answer Ayborteh 'New Days of America' You've Got It With Scene.
  • Happiness is ever present
  • Satisfy To Dream of Puzzle
  • The star of the sky where brightly shines blink all

In collegiate-looking letters, for a fictional university:
And the words printed around the inner rim of the faux-university seal:
All the names I know from nurses garter

And on a sticker at the bottom of my new stainless steel waste-paper basket:
This is goods for those who wish to enjoy simple and rational lives waste basket and flower pot.

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