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Fair is fair. In Taiwanglish, I made fun of how silly attempted English can sound when tried by a not-yet-fluent speaker. Now it's the Chinese language's turn. I have been learning Chinese. I recently learned how to set up my home PC so that I can input traditional Chinese characters by typing in Pin Yin romanization letters. I've been trying to impress my fiancé by starting to correspond in Chinese. My fiancé (who is Taiwanese) recently wrote back asking that I send an English version of what I was trying to say. Here's why:
What I tried to write:
Hello, My Beautiful Love,
What I actually wrote:
You are good, I beautiful,
What I tried to write:
I now understand how to use my computer so that I can see your words
What I actually wrote:
I nearly had understood how uses my computer therefore I can look at your shoe
What I tried to write:
I'm sorry if my Chinese has mistakes. This language is new and also I am typing.
What I actually wrote:
To does not eat if my Chinese has the mistake. This Hua Shihhsin nucleus I also am truncating.
What I tried to write:
My love, I think I understood some of what you wrote, but not all.
What I actually wrote:
I thought I move certainly you to thank the character, but always
What I tried to write:
One sentence I understand is that I love you very, very, very, very much, and I want to be with you my whole [life].
What I actually wrote:
A trustee I understood when I like you very very very very celebrating me to want to be many I with you [life].
What I tried to write:
I want for us to talk [soon], and often.
What I actually wrote:
I want us to say [soon], frequently
What I tried to write:
I love you so much, my love.
What I actually wrote:
I good love you, my love.
What I tried to write:
Your David
What I actually wrote:
You greatly are

— David Saia

David Saia grew up in southern Louisiana and is a proud Bayou Cajun. If he ever meets that "Mo Martin" Prairie Cajun again in the swamps, he will punch him in the eye, I can tell you that!

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